Ferncliff Manor

Adult Services

At Ferncliff Manor, we provide a continuum of care beyond the classroom and into the community. We now offer an expanding selection of Individualized Residential Alternative options in Westchester County to include our private residential group home in Mt. Pleasant, NY.  We continue to broaden our adult services for SAIL graduates as we plan to open three more private Individual Residential Alternative IRS residences by 2020 and additional homes as time goes on.

For the parent of a child or young adult with developmental disabilities, the decision to choose a residential school is a difficult one. Our Residential Team ensures each person an enriched living environment designed to for their specific needs while offering a welcoming environment that encourages learning and personal fulfillment.

At Ferncliff Manor, education reaches far beyond the classroom as we foster engagement in an ever-changing array of social, creative and fun activities in the communities where we live and learn. All students are offered a selection of activities tailored to their interests, talents and personal needs.

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