Ferncliff Manor

Children Services

S.A.I.L. (the School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning) at Ferncliff Manor is a dynamic, unique Special Education program for residential and day students living with developmental, cognitive, motor and other learning disabilities. Our student body is composed of children and young adults from 5 to 21 years of age; most of whom are on the autism spectrum. Our Special Education program meets the unique and changing needs of each student while preparing them to thrive well beyond their own challenges. Upon graduating, students are equipped to make optimal use of their individual talents and strengths in order to pursue bright futures in the communities in which they choose to live and work as adults.

At Ferncliff Manor our students exhibit a wide range of functional life skills and challenges. Our caring, highly-trained staff is prepared at all times to meet the needs of each student we serve requiring moderate to maximum levels of support and supervision.

Our residential services department is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing home-like environment in which our students receive life-skills training and behavioral supports, 24 hour nursing services, dietary supervised meal preparation and congenial dining services. Recreation and leisure activities are offered throughout the year after school, on school holidays and on weekends. Services and events include both on-site and community based activities appropriate to student’s interests and enjoyment. A wide variety of activities are offered on our premises including yoga, Zumba, music and art therapy, social gatherings and the use of adaptive outdoor play areas. Recreation in nearby communities includes activities such as movies, walking, dance classes, concerts, music and art therapy, shopping, bowling, holiday festivities, museum experiences and regional sports events.

We apply a multi-faceted plan of care and treatment that is generated in consultation with our interdisciplinary team that includes educators, physical, speech and occupational therapists, medical professionals, social workers, and behaviorists. 

Among the various specialists involved in each child’s care, our Social Services team plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day and overall life quality fulfillment for every student. Our Social Service Team provides the core element of family centered student support. The accredited and licensed social services team will welcome each student to our residence and program through the admission process to develop the all encompassed continuum of care with the expertise of our education, medical, behavioral and rehabilitation services and residential life staff. Each student is provided assigned oversight by a specialized social work staff member who will act as a central contact for all personal and family needs. 

Our nursing care team works in partnership with our Medical Department and outside medical specialties to provide a full range of health care services for each child or resident.

We are affiliated with many medical facilities in the immediate area for the needs of diagnostic or specialized care. Our nursing team, in consultation with the families addresses any unique medical need with collaborative expertise from centers of excellence in any medical specialty.

Community inclusion for every student is a cornerstone of our program and mission.  We offer a dynamic and changing schedule of community based activities for every level of ability and interest.

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