Ferncliff Manor

Community and Family Services

Community and Family Services

The Family Support Project

The Family Support Project at Ferncliff Manor began in 2013 with our vision to bring traditional life experiences and interaction to our students and their families as they live apart. Many students are faced with circumstances where their medical, behavioral or emotional challenges have inhibited them from the enjoyment of ordinary activities which most others take part in each day.

Our Family Support Project programs run year-round and offer students and family members a host of celebratory occasions to include our prom, our family picnic and other holiday themed events. In addition, the program offers one-on-one counseling for parents and caregivers and targeted lectures for subject matter in which the families in our care request or find most beneficial.

Family Support Project at Ferncliff Manor
Community and Family Services

The calendar of community events at Ferncliff Manor runs year–round. 

Ferncliff Manor Happiness

Assistance with obtaining Guardianship for a family member with a developmental disability who is 18 years and older is available to individuals from Westchester, NY, as is assistance with future care planning.


Insights is our monthly newsletter.
It’s written for parents and care givers of the residents of Ferncliff Manor.

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