Our Mission

Ferncliff Manor provides innovative and integrated support to people with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities and their families, by striving to meet the unique needs of the individuals in our program as we guide them on their paths to lead self-rewarding and independent lives within the community.

Our Values

Our values are based upon the understanding that all persons can continue to grow, develop and benefit greatly from active involvement in the fundamental mainstreams of daily life. We believe that progress and achievement must be viewed from the perspective of each person’s unique endowments and potentialities and that people who have disabilities can and must participate in the life of their community.

Our Vission

Our vision is rooted in the belief that all people deserve respect, support, and opportunity; and that people with disabilities can and must participate in the life of their communities. We are proud to be a care provider and voice for people of all abilities as we continually advocate for the needs that guide their independence and empowerment.

Our Leadership

Kristen Yurczak

Chief Executive Officer

Alicia Tenny

Chief Financial Officer

Leslie Huntt

Chief Compliance Officer

Board of Directors

Sheryl R. Frishman


Laurie Birrittella


Kristina Cassell


Junel Abreu


James Cavanaugh


Fr. John Duffell


Marc E. Sharff


Sr. Eileen Gannon


Hasa Kingo