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Our legacy

Founded in 1935 by Margaret Brady Saich, Ferncliff Manor was one of the first private residential schools in New York State to specialize in the care and treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities. Today Ferncliff Manor continues to advance the Saich family’s legacy by remaining a valuable community resource for both children and adults in need.

Our SAIL Program (School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning) is certified by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and approved by the New York State Education Department. Adaptive and integrative learning are the cornerstones upon which our approach to education is built. The interdisciplinary team of specialists working with each student custom-tailors an individualized program of education and care to address unique needs, challenges, and learning styles of each student. Both residential and day students are admitted to SAIL which is recognized as a NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers) School of Excellence.

Ferncliff Manor also provides residential services for adults with developmental disabilities in our new community based Individual Residential Alternative (IRA) located in Mt Pleasant. And at this time we continue to broaden our adult services for SAIL graduates as we plan to open three more private IRS residences by 2020 and additional homes as time goes on.

For more information please contact us at (914) 968-4854 or info@ferncliffmanor.org

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide superior services and support systems aimed at enabling people with developmental disabilities to achieve their potential in all areas of functional life skills and to enjoy personally rewarding and enriching lives in their own homes, work environments and neighborhoods.

With the understanding that all persons can continue to grow, develop, we believe that progress and achievement must be viewed from the perspective of each person’s unique endowments and potentialities. We believe that people who have disabilities can and must participate in the life of their community. Our efforts aim to contribute to the understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of persons with disabilities as we champion their integration into the mainstream of the communities in which they live.


SAIL (The School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning) at Ferncliff Manor

William J. Saich

Executive Director

Patricia O. Saich

Assistant Executive Director

Paul Siragusa

Director of Education

Kristen Yurczak

Chief Operating Officer

Ferncliff Manor, Inc.

Kristen Yurczak

Executive Director

Alicia Tenny

Chief Financial Officer
board of directors

Sheryl Frishman, Esq., Chair
Laurie Birrittella, Treasurer
Kristina Cassell, Secretary
Jim Cavanaugh, Director
Father John Duffell, Director
Sister Eileen Gannon, Director



(914) 968-4854 x 1224
Sheila Chu - Director of Admissions

Development and Community Relations

(914) 968-4854 x 1254
Erin Anderson - Director of Development and Community Relations


(914) 968-4854 x 1230
Alicia Tenny - Chief Financial Officer

Nursing Services

(914) 968-4854 x 1227
Lori Fernandes - Director of Nursing

Physical and Occupational Therapy

(914) 968-4854 x 1225
Sharon Sobol - Director of Occupational Services

Residential Services

(914) 968-4854 x 1250
Djenane Cordova - Director of Residential Services

The School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning

(914) 591-5439 x 2303
Paul Siragusa - Director of Education, S.A.I.L. at Ferncliff Manor

Social Services

(914) 968-4854 x 1235
Michele Saich - Director of Social Services


Insights is our monthly newsletter.
It’s written for parents and care givers of the residents of Ferncliff Manor.

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